The Newburn Furnace is not unlike any conventional slow combustion woodheater except that its operation is thermostatically controlled.

When in operation the heat output is controlled by your room thermostat. Inbuilt safety and operational controls prevent cold air being circulated through your ducting and safeguard against overheating in the event of power failure or duct blockage.

Like most other good slow combustion woodheaters the Newburn Furnace will burn overnight or for up to
12 hours without stoking.

During the overnight cycle the furnace produces heat at a reduced output which is intermittently distributed throughout the system, while maintaining the fire ready for stoking and full heat output the next morning.

Unlike most conventional room type woodheaters, oil heaters or open fires, a central heating furnace does not rob your living space of vital oxygen (for combustion), thus adding to the comfort only a true central heating system can provide.

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